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AAAPL was founded by two fellow Aero Engineers,all with their deep passion for learning of new Technologies, Vehicles,Unmanned Drones which would like to meet our clients' needs. Driven by a visionary ideology of making “Better India Better Tomorrow”, and the extraordinary collaborative work of the passionate young men and women who make up the AAAPL team.


​We continuously engage with our community through meaningful moments, immersive spaces, digital channels, and collaborative workshops.

We believes that the future of mobility revolves around refining life on the move. global start-up chooses to focus on digital power - enhancing and advancing the technology fueling your user experience. We’re creating the next-generation smart Products just for you.


We Make - All of the products of our components designed for long life in Indian conditions. Developed, tested and manufactured in India.

We Deliver - High-performance, durable and competitive products and solutions with robust processes and uniform global quality standards.

We Care - For our customers and suppliers, our employees and the environment. We are dedicated to being a reliable, long-term business partner with sustainable economic success. We create opportunities for personal development and international.

Our Fan Ensure you can reliably begin your journey and they withstand even the toughest conditions. With our advanced start/stop solutions, you can save energy with efficient smooth noiseless breeze.

Our generators deliver a stable energy supply to the growing number of electronic consumers, Their high efficiency further decreases the fuel consumption.

We also offer 4X4 SUV manufacture an efficient and highly cost-effective entry into the new world of Automobile This enables everyone to take an active role in shaping our India to the future of the automotive industry.

​UAVs are valuable for the Industrial Industry. Our custom designed Industrial products were designed to be modular. Having a modular system allows the system to be customized to suit the needs of each client. They can be used for inspection, surveillance, aerial videography and 3D mapping at a minimum operation costs.

AAAPL and its Business Areas are: Aeronautics, Automobile, & Industrial Products.
With itself has the full range of capabilities research to design to develop and certify  new vehicles(Air/Land) and provide engineering, Future for any aircraft type, be it manned or unmanned, commercial or military.

With the use of most recent technology,industry experts, new modern facilities and experienced Engineer & mechanics. Our teams merge mission and engineering expertise to design, develop, launch, and operate Drone systems that further our national security and exploration on various industrial objectives.

​AAAPL future solutions  towards nations security

​​Each one of the unmanned aircraft manufactured at AAAPL is expertly crafted by combining the primary elements of carbon,aluminum along with other composite materials  & techniques From initial 3D modeling to flight-ready units, our unmanned systems are designed and made in India for deshi technologies.
Our highly motivated young qualified team of engineers,fitters,craftsmen draw on their hands-on experience in both manned and remote aircraft to creation of each of our unmanned aircraft.
We have a passion for designing, testing and manufacturing our UAV,Drones.We operate it reliably in the most extreme conditions. Our attention to performance and detail provides each of our clients with unmanned aircraft systems built for safety, rugged durability and long term flight reliability.

​Apart from photography &  Ariel video our product make for

1. Drought relief

2. Search and identify

3. Wildlife Management

4. Delivery with industry partnership

Drought relief

​Our drones can be used to provide safety, protection and relief from disasters. Natural and man-made disasters destroy environments, often making conditions so difficult that relief workers are unable to access areas and provide assistance.

Search & identify

​A search and rescue drone is an UAV used by emergency services, such as police officers, firefighters ​, ideal for searching over vast areas for missing persons and crime victims in need of rescue and in any environment.

​Wildlife Management

​​AAAPL ​drones have been proposed for surveys because of their potential of improving over traditional techniques of wildlife monitoring and as they have relatively lower costs.

​Delivery with industry partnership

​We are continually seeking to develop partnerships and collaborations with like-minded companies and organizations to further the usefulness UAV technology in the global community.